Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Beginning

As I work towards my master's in Library and Information Science there seems to be less and less time to read books of my choosing. I've always had a list of classics that are a must for the erudite bibliophile, and I am continually reading from and adding to the list. But, there is so much good contemporary literature, too. I try for a balanced reading diet.

This blog is my way of having fun with some classics and keeping myself disciplined. This is a daily dose of classic epistolary novels, letters and non-fiction works. The works must be in the public domain and have a fairly straight-forward diary format. There will be distinct blogs for each work all linked to this main blog, and each work will be blogged in "real time." So, for example, on May 3rd of this year I will begin Dracula by Bram Stoker by blogging the text of the May 3rd entry. For every day there is an entry in the book there will be an entry on the blog.

Please post suggestions for any works you'd like me to post, and keep checking back for new threads to follow.